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Whether you're having issues with your sewer line or need professional water heater installation, we can help. M.R. Plumber specializes in residential plumbing services in the Lubbock, TX area. Our residential plumbers can handle all your plumbing repairs or installations with efficiency and be there to answer any questions you have. Trust us to follow residential plumbing codes to a tee throughout each project. Call us today at 806-543-4921 to speak with our residential plumbers.

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Are you dealing with a faulty water heater or leaky gas line? If so, it's time to call M.R. Plumber for residential plumbing services. We offer a wide variety of residential plumbing services, which include:

  • Sewer line updates
  • Water heater installations or repairs
  • Gas line testing or repairs

If you're remodeling a home, we'll remove your current walls and floors and cut out all the bad piping. Schedule residential plumbing services with us today. You'll receive a free estimate before we begin.